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Drift Bible DVD - Keiichi Tsuchiya

The Techniques

Side Brakes (e-brakes), Shift Lock, Power Over, Braking, Feint and Lift Off. These are the six basic techniques you need to master to DRIFT! Tsuchiya explains and demonstrates in detail how to utilize these various techniques to drift your car. In car cameras show how he maneuvers the car from inside. A foot pedal cam and indicators shows how to use the brakes and accelerator.

Cars and Tuning Tips

Tsuchiya shows how to drift using cars with different characteristics.

He tells us which mods are necessary to drift and advice on what kind of tires to choose.

Practice Methods

After tire screeching demonstrations he always stops to break down the process of the entire maneuver. Mixing in stories from his own experience when he first started drifting, Tsuchiya demonstrates practice methods on how to control your car. Most of the moves involve complex timing and accuracy. We make sure we show the entire flow of these movements to make sure you don't miss anything!

Bonus Footage

As a bonus footage, the DVD includes BMI's 10 minute promotional clip which was shown at the 2003 SEMA IAS (International Auto Salon) held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


“ I learned by watching Tsuchiya drift. This is the BEST video on how to DRIFT! You will be drifting within days…”

Nobuteru Taniguchi, Professional JGTC and D1 Racecar driver

"The little-known secrets of drifting are revealed comprehensively here. You can't get this kind of instruction anywhere else. If you've ever wanted to master the art of drifting, this is a great starting place "

Sam Mitani, International Automotive Editor and Japanese test-car Driver

"If drifting is your religion and Keiichi is your god, then this video is your bible. If you seek the truth, you must go directly to the source. This video is it."

Edward Loh, Editor, Drifting Magazine

Download ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part1.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part2.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part3.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part4.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part5.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part6.rar ional.SE.-.Drift.Bible._v-kongsi_.part7.rar



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Initial-D Live Action The Movie

Taking place in the Gunma prefecture in Japan, the film concerns a young tofu-delivery driver named Takumi Fujiwara. He has incredible skill in taking on the hairpin curves of Mt. Akina (Mt. Haruna in real-life). The film chronicles his evolution from an uninterested delivery boy into a hardened touge racer.

Takumi drives his father's (Bunta) Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86). It is seemingly unmodified but is perfectly suited for the downhill corners of Mt. Akina and gains the attention of local street racers all across the prefecture. Some ultimately challenge Takumi to battles on Akina's downhill. Ryousuke Takahashi, a driver of the Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) helps out Takumi along the way by giving him advice. While following the path of a street racer, Takumi must deal with his alcoholic father and his girlfriend who secretly engages in compensated dating.




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Al 3elm Wa Al Eman - Dr. Mostafa Ma7moud

برنامج العلم والايمان
للدكتور مصطفي محمود

لقاء نادر جدا مع الدكتور مصطفي محمود (جودة عالية )

حلقة (أعجب انواع الغزل )

حلقة (الإنسان الآلي)

حلقة (ميلاد القرد حسونة)

حلقة (سلاح المدرعات)

حلقة( صديقتي الأوزة .......... صديقي القرد)

حلقة (الديناصور)

حلقة( الليزر)

حلقة (النزول علي القمر )

حلقة (النمل وعش الغراب)

حلقة (زرع المخ )

حلقة (عجائب المخ 1 )

حلقة (عجائب المخ 2 )

جلقة (الآكل والمأكول)

حلقة (الأصنام)

حلقة (الأديان في اليابان)

حلقة (الانسان سيد الكائنات)

حلقة (البحث في سلوك الانسان)

حلقة (التلوث)

حلقة (الذبحة والجلطه وكيفية الوقاية)

حلقة (الذرة)

حلقة (السمنه)

حلقة (العملاق الجميل)

حلقة (القناع السحري)

حلقة (النباتات الأولية)

حلقة (النحل)

حلقة (النعامة)

حلقة (الهندوس)

حلقة (اليد اليسري)

حلقة (انتحار خلية)

حلقة (بديع السموات والارض)

حلقة (ترقيع العظام)

حلقة (حياة الليل )

حلقة (رقص الثعابين)

حلقة (زهرة النار)

حلقة (سر الأضواء القطبية)

حلقة (سنترال أصغر من عقلة الاصبع)

حلقة (سنغافورة معجزة الادارة)

حلقة (صنع الله الذى اتقن كل شىء)

حلقة (عجائب المخ البشري)

حلقة (عجائب عالم الأعماق)

حلقة (عقائد وثنية)

حلقة (غرفة العمليات)

حلقة (فزورة)

حلقة (في مبدأ الحياة)

حلقة (قبلة علي يد زوجتي )

حلقة (كيمياء الألم)

حلقة (مارشال القرود)

حلقة (البوذية)

حلقة (مبروك جالك ولد)

حلقة (مسكنك بين النجوم)

حلقة (الكلي)

حلقة (ملكات جمال الحشرات )

حلقة (موال)

حلقة (نصف خنزير نصف انسان)

حلقة (هجرة الطيور)

حلقة (هرمونات تحكم النبات)

حلقة (هل للنبات مشاعر )

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لقاء مع الدكتور مصطفي محمود

حلقة وقود لا ينفذ

ومن كل شيء خلقنا زوجين

حلقة (كلمة السر)

حلقة (غلطة دارون)

حلقة (نجمة البحر)

حلقة (التنويم المغناطيسي)

حلقة (الوصول الي اورنوس)

حلقة (الصرع)

حلقة (مواقع النجوم)

حلقة (الذين يسمعون بدون اذن)

حلقة (أسطورة التنين)

حلقة (إنفجار)

حلقة( شمس منتصف الليل)

حلقة (سفينة النفايات)

حلقة (التلقائية)

حلقة (المطر)

حلقة (حفلة تنكرية)

حلقة (الكارثة)

حلقة (زحل)

حلقة (مرض الملوك)

حلقة (الإيدز)

حلقة (الحاسب الآلي)

حلقة (الأنف الجذاب)

حلقة (السم الرهيب)

حلقة (هندسة الكون)

حلقة (عجائب حاسة الإبصار)

حلقة (البنكرياس والسكر)

حلقة (المقاومة صفر)

حلقة (لغز مرض السرطان)

حلقة (المستقبل)

حلقة (القنبلة الخضراء)

حلقة (الكهرباء البيولوجية)

حلقة (ملكة النمل)

حلقة (اللمسة الشافية)

حلقة (المشاؤون علي الماء)

حلقة (من فضلك اطفئ السيجارة)

حلقة (اختنا الشجرة)

حلقة (المرحوم في الثلاجة)

حلقة (الجحيم في لبنان )

حلقة (العالم الخفي )

حلقة (لماذا توقفت المصانع)

حلقة (حوض الأمازون)

حلقة (اكتشاف جريمة قتل عمرها 2500 سنه)

حلقة (نبش الماضي)

حلقة (الصحراء)

حلقة (المغناطيسية والكهرباء)

حلقة (الصيدلية الالهيه)

حلقة (التموجات الخفية)

حلقة (دراكولا المرعب)

حلقة (حركة النبات)

حلقة (التدخين)

حلقة (حصي الكلي)

حلقة (السفروت)

حلقة (حديقة الحيوان)

حلقة (الحياة والموت)

حلقة (الإبر الصينية)

حلقة (ماذا بعد الموت)

حلقة (الأناقة القاتلة)

حلقة (نقطة الماء)

حلقة (الهرم المعجزة)

حلقة (الصراع الرهيب)

حلقة (أسرار الحرب العالمية الثانية)

حلقة (أبطال السيرك)

حلقة (الدم)

حلقة (البكتريا المدهشة)

حلقة (سر الزوابع)

حلقة (أفريقيا السوداء)

حلقة (كيفية الكلام)

حلقة (التوازن في جسم الإنسان والبيئة)

حلقة (المخ)

حلقة (الروماتيزم)

حلقة (الجنين)

حلقة (درجة حرارة الجسم)

حلقة (آيات الرحمن في الإحكام والإنضباط)

حلقة (آيات الرحمن في المكان)

حلقة (آيات الرحمن في المناخ)

حلقة (آيات الرحمن في عالم النبات)

حلقة (آيات الرحمن في الموت)

حلقة (أسرار المادة)

حلقة (أينشتين والنسبية)

حلقة (الإرادة)

حلقة (الجينات)

حلقة (الديدان)

حلقة (الزمان)

حلقة (الذرة والمجره)

حلقة (الشعوذة والطب)

حلقة (الصغير المتوحش)

حلقة (الضوء المبهر)

حلقة (العقرب)

حلقة (الغشاء السحري)

حلقة (القاتل الخفي)

حلقة (المريخ)

حلقة (المعجزة اليابانية)

حلقة (المكان)

حلقة (الموت والحياة)

حلقة (النبات)

حلقة (الهرمونات)

حلقة (الهواء والزوابع)

حلقة (الهندسة الوراثية)

حلقة (تطور المخ البشري)

حلقة (دنيا العجائب)

حلقة (روح الفريق)

حلقة (سباق البراغيث)

حلقة (سرطان الثدي)

حلقة (سرطان المرئ)

حلقة (شمس في انبوبة اختبار)

حلقة (عظماء الدنيا وعظماء الآخرة)

حلقة (محفل تحت الماء)

حلقة (ميكروسكوب لتكبير الزمن)

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B-Tribe Discogaphy

B-Tribe was the alias of German studio whiz Claus Zundel, whose music incorporated Latin guitar textures into dreamy ambient washes. B-Tribe released their debut album called ¡Fiesta Fatal!. If you were to cross Vangelis with the Gipsy Kings, you'd have B-Tribe.

Fiesta Fatal! (1993)

  1. Sueño Del Cielo (Intro)
  2. ¡Fiesta Fatal!
  3. Nadie Entiende
  4. Lo Siento
  5. Una Vez Más
  6. Love, Tears, Heartaches + Devotion
  7. Don't Be Emotional
  8. You Won't See Me Cry
  9. Te Quiero Interlude
  10. ¡Fiesta Fatal! (Reprise)
  11. ¡Fiesta Fatal! (Barcelona Tribe Megamix)


Suave Suave (1995)
is B-Tribe's Sophmore album.

  1. Suave Suave
  2. Que Mala Vida
  3. Sensual
  4. Ahoy
  5. Hablando
  6. Interlude
  7. Albatross
  8. Te Siento
  9. Nanita [A Spanish Lullaby]
  10. Poesia
  11. Yo Quiero Todo
  12. Manha De Carneval

Sensual Sensual (1998)

  1. Overture (Concierto de Aranjuez)
  2. Alegria
  3. Sometimes
  4. Hablame
  5. Sensual Sensual
  6. Zapateado
  7. Tribute To J.S. Bach
  8. La Guapa
  9. Desesperada
  10. Sa Trincha
  11. Ahoy Ahoy
  12. Ultima Cancion
  13. La Unica Excusa...


Spiritual Spiritual (2001)

  1. Intro
  2. Adagio In G-Minor
  3. La Guitarra
  4. Sketches of St. Antoni
  5. Las Salinas
  6. Spiritual Spiritual
  7. Es Vedra
  8. Matador De Sa Pena
  9. Sunset in St. Carlos
  10. She Moves Through the Fair
  11. The Sun


Five (2003)

B-Tribe's 5th Studio album is "Five" this ends the collection thus far, nothing else has been released.

  1. Intro
  2. Anika (featuring Luna)
  3. Angelic Voices
  4. Demasiado
  5. Love (featuring Luna)
  6. Mistério/Interlude
  7. Wisdom & Courage (featuring Luna)
  8. Ode To Dolores Del Rio
  9. Mi Alma Español
  10. Lune Llena (featuring Luna)
  11. jLibera Me!


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DMX Discography

DMX - It's Dark And Hell Is Hot(Rapsta) - 1998

01 Intro
02 Ruff Ryders' Anthem
03 Fuckin' Wit 'D
04 Storm (Skit)
05 Look Thru My Eyes
06 Get At Me Dog
07 Let Me Fly
08 X-Is Coming
09 Damien
10 How's It Goin' Down
11 Mickey (Skit)
12 Crime Story
13 Stop Being Greedy
14 ATF
15 For My Dogs
16 I Can Feel It
17 Prayer (Skit)
18 The Convo
19 Niggaz Done Started Something


DMX - Flesh Of My Blood, Blood Of My Blood(Rapsta) - 1998

01 My Niggas (Skti)
02 Bring Your Whole Crew
03 Pac Man (Skit)
04 Ain't No Way
05 We Don't Give A Fuck
06 Keep Your Shit The Hardest
07 Coming From
08 It's All Good
09 The Omen
10 Slippin'
11 No Love 4 Me
12 Dogs For Life
13 Blackout
14 Flesh Of My Blood, Blood Of My Blood
15 Heat
16 Ready To Meat Him


DMX - ...And Then There Was X(Rapsta) - 1999

01 The Kennel (Skit)
02 One More Road To Cross
03 The Professional
04 Fame
05 Alot To learn (Skit)
06 Here We Go Again
07 Party Up (Up In Here)
08 Make A Move
09 What These Bitches Want
10 What's My Name
11 More 2 A Song
12 Don't You Ever
13 The Shakedown (Skit)
14 D-X-L (hard White)
15 Comin' For Ya
16 Prayer III
17 Angel
18 Good Girls, Bad Guys


DMX - The Great Depression(Rapsta) - 2001

01 Sometimes
02 School Street
03 Who We Be
04 Trina Moe
05 We Right Here
06 Bloodline Anthem
07 Shorty Was Da Bomb
08 Damien III
09 When I'm Nothing
10 I Miss You
11 Number 11
12 Pull Up (Skit)
13 I'ma Bang
14 Pull Out (Skit)
15 You Could Be Blind
16 The Prayer IV
17 A Minute For Your Son


DMX - Grand Champ(Rapsta) - 2003

01 Dog Intro
02 My Life
03 Where The Hood At
04 Dogs Out
05 Get It On The Floor
06 Come Prepared (Skit)
07 Shot Down
08 Bring The Noise
09 Untouchable
10 Fuck Y'All
11 Ruff Radio (Skit)
12 We're back
13 Ruff Radio 2 (Skit)
14 Rob All Night (If I'm Gonna Rob)
15 We Go Hard
16 We 'Bout To Blow
17 The Rain
18 Gotta Got (Skit)
19 Don't Gotta Go Home
20 A'Yo Kato
21 Thank You
22 The Prayer V
23 On Top


DMX - Year Of The Dog(Rapsta) - 2006

01 Intro
02 We In Here
03 I Run Shit
04 Come Thru (Move)
05 It's Personal
06 Baby Motha
07 Dog Love
08 Wrong Or Right (I'm Tired)
09 Give 'Em What They Want
10 Walk These Dogs
11 Blown Away
12 Goodbye
13 Life Be My Song
14 The Prayer VI
15 Lord Give Me A Sign


Dr. Dre Discography

Dr. Dre - The Chronic(Rapsta) - 1992

01 The Chronic (Intro)
02 Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
03 Let Me Ride
04 The Day Niggaz Took Over
05 Nuthin' But A "G" Thang
06 Deeez Nuuuts
07 Lil' Ghetto Boy
08 A Nigga Witta Gun
09 Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat
10 The $20 Sack Pyramid
11 Lyrical Gangbang
12 High Powered
13 The Doctor's Office
14 Stranded On Death Row
15 The Roach (The Cronic Outro)
16 Bitches Ain't Shit


Dr. Dre - Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath(Rapsta) - 1996

01 Aftermath (The Intro)
02 East Coast/ West Coast Killas
03 Shittin' On The World
04 Blunt Time
05 Been There Done That
06 Choices
07 As The World Keeps Turning
08 Got Me Open
09 STR-8 Gone
10 Please
11 Do 4 Love
12 Sexy Dance
13 No Second Chance
14 L.A.W. (Lyrical Assault Weapon)
15 Nationowl
16 Frame


Dr. Dre - The Chronic 2001(Rapsta) - 2001

01 Lolo (Intro)
02 The Watcher
03 Fuck You
04 Still D.R.E.
05 Big Ego's
06 Xxplosive
07 What's The Difference
08 Bar One
09 Light Speed
10 Forgot About Dre
11 The Next Episode
12 Let's Get High
13 Bitch Niggaz
14 The Car Bomb
15 Murder Inc
16 Ed-Ucation
17 Some L.A. Niggaz
18 Pause 4 Porno
19 Housewife
20 Ackrite
21 Bang Bang
22 The Message


2Pac Discography

2pac - 2PACALYPSE NOW(Rapsta) - 1991

01 Young Black Male
02 Trapped
03 Soulja's Story
04 I Don't Give A Fuck
05 Violent
06 Words Of Wisdom
07 Something Wicked
08 Crooked Ass Nigga
09 If My Homie Calls
10 Brenda's Got A Baby
11 Tha' Lunatic
12 Rebel Of The Underground
13 Part Time Mutha


2pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.(Rapsta) - 1993

01 Holler If Ya Hear Me
02 Pac's Theme (Interlude)
03 Point The Finga
04 Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)
05 Last Words
06 Souljah's Revenge
07 Peep Game
08 Strugglin'
09 Guess Who's Back
10 Representin' 93
11 Keep Ya Head Up
12 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
13 The Streetz R Deathrow
14 I Get Around
15 Papa'z Song
16 5 Deadly Venomz


2Pac - Me Against The World(Rapsta) - 1995

01 Intro
02 If I Die 2 Nite
03 Me Against The World
04 So Many Tears
05 Temptations
06 Young Niggaz
07 Heavy In The Game
08 Lord Knows
09 Dear Mama
10 It Ain't Easy
11 Can U Get Away
12 Old School
13 Fuck The World
14 Death Around The Corner
15 Outlaw


2Pac - All Eyez On Me(Rapsta) - 1996

01 Ambitionz Az A Ridah
02 All About U
03 Skandalouz
04 Got My Mind Made Up
05 How Do You Want It
06 Two Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
07 No More Pain
08 Heartz Of Men
09 Life Goes On
10 Only God Can Judge Me
11 Tradin' War Stories
12 California Love [Remix]
13 I Ain't Mad At Cha
14 What's Ya Phone No.
15 Can't C Me
16 Shorty Wanna Be A Thug
17 Holla At Me
18 Wonda Why The Call U Bitch
19 When We Ride
20 Thug Passion
21 Picture Me Rollin'
22 Check Out Time
23 Ratha Be Ya Nigga
24 All Eyez On Me
25 Run Tha Streetz
25 Ain't Hard 2 Find
26 Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find


2Pac - Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory(Rapsta) - 1996

01 Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply)
02 Hail Mary
03 Toss It Up
04 To Live & Die In L.A.
05 Blasphemy
06 Life Of An Outlaw
07 Just Like Daddy
08 Krazy
09 White Man'z World
10 Me And My Girlfriend
11 Hold Ya Head
12 Against All Odds


2Pac - R U Still Down? (Remember Me)(Rapsta) - 1997

01 Redemption
02 Open Fire
03 R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
04 Hellrazor
05 Thug Style
06 Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude)
07 I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto
08 Nothing To Lose
09 I'm Gettin' Money
10 Lie To Kick It
11 Fuck All Y'all
12 Let Them Thangs Go
13 Let Them Thangs Got
14 Ready 4 Whatever
15 When I Get Free
16 Hold On Be Strong
17 I'm Losin' It
18 Fake Ass Bitches
19 Do For Love
20 Enemies With Me
21 Nothin' But Love
22 16 On Death Row
23 I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto [Hip-Hop Version]
24 When I Get Free II
25 Black Starry Night (Interlude)
26 Only Fear Of Death


2Pac & The Outlawz - Still I Rise(Rapsta) - 1999

01 Letter To The President
02 Still I Rise
03 Secretz Of War
04 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)
05 As The World Turns
06 Black Jesuz
07 Homeboyz
08 Hell 4 A Hustler
09 High Speed
10 The Good Die Young
11 Killuminati
12 Teardrops And Closed Caskets
13 Tatto Tears
14 U Can Be Touched
15 Y'all Don't Know Us


2Pac - Better Dayz(Rapsta) - 2002

01 Intro
02 Still Ballin
03 When We Ride On Our Enemies
04 Changed Man
05 Fuck Em All
06 Never B Peace
07 Mama's Just A Little Girl
08 Street Fame
09 Whatcha Gonna Do
10 Fair Xchange
11 Late Night
12 Ghetto Star
13 Thugs Mansion
14 My Block
15 Thugz Mansion
16 Never Call U Bitch Again
17 Better Dayz
18 U can Call
19 Military Minds
20 Fame
21 Fair Xchange
22 Catchin Feelins
23 There U Go
24 This Life I Leed
25 Who Do U Believe In
26 They Don't Give A Fuck About Us


2Pac - Resurrection(Soundtrack)(Rapsta) - 2003

01 Intro
02 Ghost
03 One Day At A Time
04 Death Around The Corner
05 Secretz Of War
06 Runnin' (Dying To Live)
07 Holler If Ya' Hear Me
08 Starin' Through My Rear View
09 Bury Me A G
10 Same Song
11 Panther Power
12 Str8 Ballin'
13 Rebel Of The Underground
14 The Realist Killaz


2Pac - Loyal To The Game(Rapsta) - 2004

01 Soldier Like Me (AKA Return Of The Soulja)
02 The Uppercut
03 Out On Bail
04 Ghetto Gospel
05 Black Cotton
06 Loyal To The Game
07 Thugs Get Lonely Too
08 N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)
09 Who Do You Love?
10 Crooked Nigga Too
11 Don't You Trust Me
12 Thug 4 Life
13 Hennessey
14 Po Nigga Blues
15 Hennessey
16 Crooked Nigga Too
17 Loyal To The Game


Ice Cube Discography

Ice Cube - AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted(Rapsta) - 1990

01 Better Off Dead
02 The Nigga Ya Love To Hate
03 AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
04 What They Hittin' Foe?
05 You Can't Fade Me/ JD's Grafflin'
06 Once Upon A Time In The Projects
07 Turn Off The Radio
08 Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)
09 A Gangsta's Fairytale
10 I'm Only Out For One Thang
11 Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here
12 The Drive-By
13 Rollin' Wit The Lench Mob
14 Who's The Mack
15 It's A Man's World
16 The Bomb


Ice Cube - Death Certificate(Rapsta) - 1991

01 The Funeral
02 The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
03 My Summer Vacation
04 Steady Mobbin'
05 Robbin' Lench
06 Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out
07 Look Who's Burnin'
08 A Bird In The Hand
09 Man's Best Friend
10 Alive On Arrival
11 Death
12 The Birth
13 I Wanna Kill Sam
14 Horny Lil' Devil
15 Black Korea
16 True To The Game
17 Color Blind
18 Doing Dumb Shit
19 Us
29 No Vaseline


Ice Cube - The Predator(Rapsta) - 1992

01 The First Day Of School (Intro)
02 When Will They Shoot?
03 I'm Scared (Insert)
04 Wicked
05 Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha
06 The Predator
07 It Was A Good Day
08 We Had To Tear This Motha Fucka Up
09 Fuck 'Em
10 Dirty Mack
11 Don't Trust 'Em
12 Gangsta's Fairytale, Pt. 2
13 Check Yo Self
14 Who Got The Camera?
15 Integration (Insert)
16 Say Hi To The Bad Guy


Ice Cube - Lethal Injection(Rapsta) - 1993

01 The Shot (Intro)
02 Really Doe
03 Ghetto Bird
04 You Know How We Do It
05 Cave Bitch
06 Bop Gun (One Nation)
07 What Can I Do?
08 Lil Ass Gee
09 Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth
10 Down For Whatever
11 Enemy
12 When I Get To Heaven


Ice Cube - War & Peace, Vol 1 (The War Disc)(Rapsta) - 1998

01 Ask About Me
02 Pushin' Weight
03 Dr. Frankenstein
04 Fuck Dyning
05 War & Peace
06 Ghetto Vet
07 Greed
08 MP
09 Cash Over Ass
10 The Curse Of Money
11 The Peckin' Order
12 Limos, Demos & Bimbos
13 Once Upon A Time In The Projects, Pt. 2
14 If I Was Fuckin' You
15 X-Bitches
16 Extradition
17 3 Strikes You In
18 Penitentiary


Ice Cube - War & Peace, Vol 2 (The Peace Disc)(Rapsta) - 2000

01 Hello
02 Pimp Homeo (Insert)
03 You Ain't Gotta Lie (Ta Kick It)
04 The Gutter Shit
05 Suoreme Hustle
06 Mental Warfare (Insert)
07 24 Mo' Hours
08 Until We Rich
09 You Can Do It
10 Mackin' & Driving (Insert)
11 Gotta Be Insanity
12 Roll All Day
13 Can You Bounce
14 Dinner With The CEO (Insert)
15 Record Company Pimpin'
16 Waitin' Ta Hate
17 Nigga Of The Century


Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later(Rapsta) - 2006

01 Definition Of A West Coast G' (Intro)
02 Why We Thugs
03 Smoke Some Weed
04 Dimes & Nicks (A Call From Mike Epps)
05 Child Support
06 2 Decades Ago
07 Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do
08 Laugh Now, Cry Later
09 Stop Snitchin'
10 Go To Church
11 The Nigga Trap
12 A History Of Violence (Insert)
13 Growin' Up
14 Click, Clack - Get Back!
15 The Game Lord
16 Chrome & Paint
17 Steal The Show
18 You Gotta Lotta That
19 Spittin' Pollaseeds
20 Holla @ Cha' Boy


Ice Cube - Raw Footage(Rapsta) - 2008

01 What Is A Pyroclastic Flow?
02 I Got My Locs On
03 It Takes A Nation
04 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
05 Hood Mentality
06 Why Me?
07 Cold Places
08 Jack N The Box
09 Do Ya Thang
10 Thank God
11 Here He Come
12 Get Money, Spend Money, No Money
13 Get Use To It
14 Tomorrow
15 Stand Tall
16 Take Me Away


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Savatage Discography

Savatage - Sirens (1983)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Sirens (1983)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Sirens
2. Holocaust
3. I Believe
4. Rage
5. On The Run
6. Twisted Little Sister
7. Living For The Night
8. Scream Murder
9. Out On The Streets
10. Lady In Disguise
11. The Message


Password: metal

Savatage - Power Of The Night (1985)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Power Of The Night (May 20, 1985)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Power Of The Night
2. Unusual
3. Warriors
4. Necrophilia
5. Washed Out
6. Hard For Love
7. Fountain Of Youth
8. Skull Session
9. Stuck On You
10. In The Dream


Password: metal

Savatage - Fight For The Rock (1986)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Fight For The Rock (June 30, 1986)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Megaupload

Track Listing:

1. Fight For The Rock
2. Out On The Streets
3. Crying For Love
4. Day After Day
5. The Edge Of Midnight
6. Hyde
7. Lady In Disguise
8. She's Only Rock 'N Roll
9. Wishing Well
10. Red Light Paradise


Password: metal

Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King (1987)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Hall Of The Mountain King (September 28, 1987)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. 24 Hrs. Ago
2. Beyond the Doors of the Dark
3. Legions
4. Strange Wings
5. Prelude to Madness
6. Hall of the Mountain King
7. The Price you Pay
8. White Witch
9. Last Dawn
10. Devastation


Password: metal

Savatage - Japan Live '94 (1995)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Japan Live '94 (October 9, 1995)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Taunting Cobras
2. Edge Of Thorns
3. Chance
4. Nothin' Going On
5. He Carves His Stone
6. Jesus Saves
7. Watching You Fall
8. Castles Burning
9. All That I Bleed
10. Handful Of Rain
11. Sirens
12. Gutter Ballet


Password: metal

Savatage - Gutter Ballet (1989)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Gutter Ballet (December 1, 1989)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Of Rage And War
2. Gutter Ballet
3. Temptation Revelation
4. When The Crowds Are Gone
5. Silk And Steel
6. She's In Love
7. Hounds
8. The Unholy
9. Mentally Yours
10. Summer's Rain
11. Thorazine Shuffle
12. All That I Bleed


Password: metal

Savatage - Edge Of Thorns (1993)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Edge Of Thorns (April 2, 1993)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Megaupload

Track Listing:
1. Edge Of Thorns
2. He Carves His Stone
3. Lights Out
4. Skraggy's Tomb
5. Labyrinths
6. Follow Me
7. Exit Music
8. Degrees Of Sanity
9. Conversation Piece
10. All That I Bleed
11. Damien
12. Miles Away
13. Sleep
14. Believe

download part I

download part II

Password: luxuria

Savatage - Handful Of Rain (1994)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Handful Of Rain (August 15, 1994)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Taunting Cobras
2. Handful Of Rain
3. Chance
4. Stare Into The Sun
5. Castles Burning
6. Visions
7. Watching You Fall
8. Nothing Going On
9. Symmetry
10. Alone You breathe


Password: metal

Savatage - Dead Winter Dead (1995)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Dead Winter Dead (September 22, 1995)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Overture
2. Sarajevo
3. This Is The Time (1990)
4. I Am
5. Starlight
6. Doesn't Matter Anyway
7. This Isn't What We Meant
8. Mozart And Madness
9. Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro)
10. Dead Winter Dead
11. One Child
12. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
13. Not What You See


Password: metal

Savatage - The Wake Of Magellan (1998)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: The Wake Of Magellan (April 7, 1998)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. The Ocean
2. Welcome
3. Turns To Me
4. Morning Sun
5. Another Way
6. Blackjack Guillotine
7. Paragons Of Innocence
8. Complaint In The System (Veronica Guerin)
9. Underture
10. The Wake Of Magellan
11. Anymore
12. The Storm
13. The Hourglass
14. Somewhere In Time/Alone You Breathe (Acoustic)
15. Sleep (Acoustic)
16. Stay (Acoustic)


Password: metal

Savatage - Poets And Madmen (2001)

Band: Savatage (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)
Album: Poets And Madmen (April 3, 2001)
Genre: Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Track Listing:
1. Stay With Me A while
2. There In The Silence
3. Commissar
4. I Seek Power
5. Drive
6. Morphine Child
7. The Rumor
8. Man In The Mirror
9. Surrender
10. Awaken
11. Back To A Reason


Password: metal

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